Common Questions and Answers

Are you different from Animal Control?

YES. Although both organizations are committed to animal welfare; we have different missions and jurisdictions. Animal Control departments deal strictly with stray and seized animals. HHS cannot seize animals. See below for our policies on stray animals. HHS is also a non-profit and we are not constrained within a city limit whereas animal controls departments are constrained and funded by a city government. HHS, however, does offer to provide services to many animal control agencies and city governments.

If you have a stray dog or cat in Yankton city limits, please call the YPD non-emergency number at  605-668-5210 and ask to speak to the on-duty supervisor. Yankton officers can provide 24/7 animal control services.

Can you receive my surrendered animal if I wanted to drop it off? 

Yes, but not please continue reading.  We are a limited admissions facility, meaning we can only accept animals we have space for and we can adequately care for. Often times we have waiting lists for the surrender of animal. All surrenders require an appointment before being accepted.

Sometimes we are unable to assist in the way that we would like to due to lack of resources, funds, and space. The number of animals we can help depends on the number of animals currently being adopted, the number of volunteers assisting at the shelter and the number of foster homes readily available.

HHS cannot seize or pick up animals. All animals surrendered to HHS require completed paperwork from the surrendering party as well as a requested donation. You must be able to deliver the animal to HHS during admission hours, Tuesday - Friday.

If you have found a stray animal and would like to surrender it to HHS, you must first check with home owners in the surrounding area to see if they recognize the animal. You are also required to check with local law enforcement to see if the animal is reported as lost. HHS requests posting the animal on a social media platform as "Found" for a minimum 24-hour before accepting the animal. You will be required to provide proof of your identification at the time of surrender.

If you wish to surrender your own pet, you must be the rightful owner of the animal or have proof of permission from the rightful owner and be able to provide contact information for both parties. HHS will call to confirm. If you have questions, please call our shelter. You may be required to provide proof of identification at the time of surrender.

To schedule a surrender, please call 605-664-4244.

Are my contributions tax deductible?

YES. The Heartland Humane Society is a private Non Profit organization, incorporated in South Dakota, and fully qualified as a 501(c)(3) under the IRS code. Your contributions are deductible for the year in which they are made, to the extent of the law. Our EIN number is 46-0458711.

Where do your animals come from?

We try to help the homeless, abused, neglected, and stray animals of the area.  Some of the animals that we receive are surrendered by their owners, who can no longer have pets or do not want them for various reasons.  Some of the animals are found wandering or lost.  We take animals out of local pounds. We also have received unwanted puppies or kitties from owner's that did not spay/neuter their own pet, and unfortunately, entire litters have been found on other people's properties or dumped in ditches. We work with local Indian Reservations and we transfer pets with the help Greater Good Charities. 

When space allows and adoption numbers are high, we are also able to assist other shelters and rescues in the area.

Do you have Adoption Fees?

Yes, adoption fees help offset the costs of the animal's food, shelter, and medical expenses while under Heartland Humane Society's care.  Additional donations are always welcome and accepted ~ See our Wish List for items we are currently need.