Mickey is doing great!

Posted on Monday, January 29th, 2018


I was on your website just now and I found the blog of all the stories. I didn't know how to write one so I thought I'd e-mail an update on our beautiful puppy Dana.

We met Mickey in September and fell in love instantly. When we got home she wasn't listening to her name, but once we started calling her Dana she all of a sudden responded to everything! We spoil her so much, every time we go in a store she gets a new toy. She even has a coat and new boots that she loves to wear on our walks.

We had to reinforce her kennel 4 times before we found a way that she could not escape. Sometimes we would even come home to find her out of her kennel with the door still latched! We also quickly learned that she can jump fences with no problem, but as long as there are no squirrels or bunnies around she loves to run in our backyard. 

We are so grateful to have found such a kind and loving dog. She loves to cuddle, and even though there is almost no room in the bed we always wake up to her curled up in between us. She loves to give kisses, and it's impossible to even sit down on the floor without getting a whole bunch of them.

Dana loves car rides, so we take her with us everywhere. We have an old car in our driveway we never use and sometimes she just likes to sit in there while we do yard work. Thank you so much for helping us find our amazing dog. Please enjoy the attached pictures!

-Kathryn and Jonathan