Mara loves her new family!

Posted on Thursday, January 25th, 2018

When Mara came to our home, we were very excited to invite this beautiful lady into our lives.  She came to us with a list of bad behaviors so we were preparing ourselves for a lot of her anxiety and the use of gentle correcting.  We did have some problems in the beginning but nothing like what we were prepped for.  One issue we found was that we have a cat and Mara tried to attack the cat several times and did get her one time but within a couple weeks they tolerated each other and now play with together.  Mara is so gentle and patient with our small children, allowing them to do anything to her.  We feel that Mara is so comfortable in our home that she has no need to show most of the anxious behaviors we were told she typically showed.  We are so thankful that we are able to provide her a comfortable home.  She has really completed our family.  Mara provided a canine companion for our other dog, Otto, who we adopted from Heartland Humane Society in 2008, which has meant so much to him.  We thank HHS for all the patience with us during the adoption process.  It was very important for us to make sure everyone in our home was ready for a new family member and that the new member would be comfortable with all of us.