Maggie May Update

Posted on Friday, April 10th, 2015

Maggie May1.pngMaggie May3.png

Maggie May is just perfect!! She’s a little lover and cuddler…just like I’d wished for. My concerns with her scratching were put to rest early on. There’s just a couple of times she’s scratched at the carpeted stairs and we’ve told her no and she quit. Otherwise, she basically stays to the items we provided for her.

Speaking of stairs…I don’t think she’d ever seen any before. Or TV’s. It was funny to see her reaction to things we don’t think about. We also have a pet water fountain that she didn’t want to go near at first.

Maggie May has become daddy’s little ‘princess’. She is always exploring and playing! She likes to find places where mom needs to dust better. She’s so small, she can get anywhere!! We even took a trip last weekend so she could meet out of town family. She’s a little social butterfly and pretty fearless! We love her to death and I think the feeling is mutual.


Sue and Maggie May

Maggie May4.pngMaggie May5.png