An update from Arizona :)

Posted on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Hi Heartland Humane Society,

I got a call from your office the other day and it reminded me to send more pictures. My name is Katherine Ditter and I adopted Arizona at the beginning of August. I have since renamed her Luna and oh boy do I love her to the MOON and back!  

In the few months that I have had her she has really puffed up full of this beautiful and SOFT hair (I do think she may be part maine coon). I keep her 100% indoors but this does not stop her from getting her well needed exercise. She runs back and forth between rooms grabbing people’s feet and running away again. My roommate and I call this time “go-time” because she is so hyper. My mom got her a big 6-foot-tall cat tree that we put in front of my window. So, every morning when we wake up she quick goes to the top tier and watches all the fun living things outside my apartment, and at this time of year, it’s mostly just leaves blowing around… 

Luna has developed a special love for bathrooms. She LOOOOVES to play in and around shower curtains, she likes to sit in and drink from sinks and she tries to sneak in the toilet every once in a while. 

Luna has also grown into quite the excellent napper, which is awesome because I like to nap too! She gives me such joy when I look over from doing homework and she is just sleeping away in a strange position that doesn’t look comfortable at all. 

Over this past holiday I took her back home to my parents’ house for a week. She was shy at first with the Roxy, our dog, and Zoe, our cat, but after about a day she was staking and pouncing on them (she also found comfort in the fact that there was in fact a shower curtain and bathroom sink there too!!).

I’m so so so very happy with my kitty, she brings so much joy and cuddles in to my life. If there is any way that you guys could ask the owner of Callie (Arizona’s sister) if she could give me a phone number or email so we could share some pictures of our sister kitties that would be awesome! 

Thank you guys so much!!