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Lilly Loves Her New Family!

Posted on March 21st, 2018

Lilly came into our lives on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving in November 2017. My wife has a slight fear of dogs. My youngest daughter has a big fear of big dogs. My oldest daughter loves dogs and always wants to pet dogs that people are walking past our house. My wife took the girls to the HHS to pet kitties and cats, and to also check out the dogs. When HHS introduced Lilly, who was considered a senior pet, to my wife and daughters, they fell in love. They took a picture of her and text it to me. Later that day, when I was home from work, my wife suggested we go and visit Lilly so I could get to know her. I grew up with a house dog so I was all for it. Within the hour of visiting, we had a new dog, Lilly, to bring home. They told us that Lilly was a little hesitant around children, and at first that may have been the case. Now, after four months with Lilly, she is happy to have her belly rubbed or be taken for a walk by the girls. My wife enjoys interacting with the dog. Lilly likes to lay with whomever is on the couch, she likes to go for walks with whoever will take her, and she gets very excited for treats! She is a proper little lady as she rarely barks, whether she is inside or outside. Basically, she just doesn’t bark. She likes to play but never is out of control. She pays no attention to the cat that we have in the house and the cat doesn’t pay much attention to Lilly. She has been a great addition to our house and she has been a great first dog for my wife and two daughters. We are thankful that the Yankton HHS was able to connect us with such an awesome dog! Read Full Post