Community Programming

See our opportunities below! If you have any questions or want to inquire you can also send an email to

 Book Buddies

Do you know who loves to hear you read? Our dogs and cats! Our Book Buddy program allows you to bring books and practice your reading skills with our shelter stars. Dogs and cats are excellent reading partners since they offer a judgment-free experience for the reader! If reading to dogs, we will go through a brief training at the beginning of your 1st volunteer session, where we will learn about dog behavior and appropriate ways to approach kennels. If reading to cats, we will teach you how to get cats out of their kennels and you can begin right away! 

Want to be a Book Buddy? Fill out the form here or call 605-664-4244 to get more information!

Doggie Day Out

Love dogs but cannot have one in your home due to renting, being a college student on campus, or family situation? Maybe you want to spend an afternoon away from the house and want company. Doggy Day Out is made for you! We have dogs that would love to spend a morning or afternoon away from the shelter. What you guys do together is up to you…with a few teeny tiny rules you need to follow!

Ready to take a dog out to the park, on a hike, car ride, or coffee shop? Call 605-664-4244 to set it up!

Bite Prevention 

Information coming soon!