"Adopt One Get One" Special (AOGO)


Two is better than one! Twice the love, twice the cuddles and twice the entertainment! The AOGO Special, short for "Adopt-One, Get-One," is a year round adoption special for our felines at Heartland! If you adopt two kitties together, you will only be charged one adoption fee. (Special considerations apply - Pet deposits still required to pay if not old enough to spay/neuter)  

We want to encourage adopters to consider adopting cats together, whether kittens or older cats that are compatible. It may seem challenging to take home two cats or kittens, but it will actually make the home transition easier on them. Some benefits of adopting two cats rather than one are:

  • They will provide each other companionship during the transition
  • If they are going to be entirely indoors, they are less likely to get bored when you are gone (making destructive behaviors less likely)
  • They will groom each other and stay cleaner
  • Expenses may scare you, but actually you may end up spending less money overall on some aspects of care because two cats are likelier to be healthier than one lone cat
  • Having another cat around gives exercise opportunity, so feline obesity is less likely (keep in mind you need to schedule feed and give proper nutrition)

Take home two feline fur-babies together, and qualify for this adoption special! If you have any questions please contact our shelter at 605-664-4244.