PeeWee loves his new life!

Posted on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Skeeter has really settled in with us.  He enjoys some crazy playtime, but if he gets a good walk, he settles down for several naps a day, and is adjusting to our pace.  He destroys cloth squeaker toys in a matter of a few minutes.   So when the last one I bought is gone, I'm going to get some squeakers and try making some out of canvas or denim. 

He went on a trail ride with my Horse, Tucker, and me, and acted like he had always done.  I put him on the retractable leash and he led out!

He still has never had a potty accident!  So glad for that!  I leave him home with Jim when I am at work, and the two of them do very well.  Jim even says he is a very good boy!  He snuggles in with me in the evening, and goes in his kennel at night with no problem.  He is very quiet.  Very seldom barks.  However, one evening he saw a deer in "His" back yard, and went totally bonkers! 

Thank you for allowing us to adopt him!  We just love the energy he has brought to our home!